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Products   Grout Packers
Packers are used for cement or chemical grouting in fractured strata for consolidation and rehabilitation of the structure/rocks. Packers create an isolated area below the contact zone to enable injection of chemicals/cement at high pressure to fill the fissures or crevices or cracks in the surrounding surfaces.

Packers are used by civil engineers and geologists for a variety of uses
1.  Grouting for soil/strata stabilization
2.  Soil permeability testing
3.  Underground Water Sampling
4.  Bore Hole Wall Impression testing
5.  Hydraulic Fracture testing
6.  Water proofing of old structures
7.  Water Well repairs
8.  Aquifers monitoring
9.  Riserless water pumping from aquifers

Packers are designed for a variety of bore holes, pressures and depths. Packers can be broadly divided into 2 parts depending upon their constitution and use.

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