Vipul Sameer Agencies Pvt. Ltd.
Products   Rock Bolts/Anchor Bolts/HE-Bolts and Expansion Shell & plug Assy
The Company manufactures various types of Rock Bolts of sizes 1/2" to 1.25" Hex in lengths upto 4.5 mts. & 6.0 mts., for use in Mines, Tunnels and Embankments as rock anchors.

Rock bolt is a stress or tensioned reinforcement element consisting of a rod, mechanical or grouted anchorage and a plate and nut for stressing by torquing the nut or for retaining tension applied by direct pull. It is also known as active rock anchor.
Rock bolts are manufactured from TMT grade special steel as per IS:8266/76 specifications in various types.

Expansion Shell Type :
These bolts use expansion shells and plugs made of cast steel with left hand thread, firmly gripping the rock and the bolt forming anchorage. These are made of two types.
  • Expansion Shell Type Grouted
  • Expansion Shell Type Un-grouted
Perfo Type:
These anchors are supplied with a perforated shell sleeve, which is filled with mortar and installed in the hole. A deformed steel anchor bar is pushed into the tube, causing mortar to squeeze through perforations and bond to the sides of the drill hole.

Resin Grouted Type:
These anchores are champhered conically at one end and are threaded on the other. The conically tapered end is pushed into the resin cartridge placed at the bottom of the drill hole.

Grouted Anchor Bars:
These anchors are made of deformed steel bars threaded on one end and placed into the drill holes and grouted with "Rich Mortar" for furm grip.

Rock Bolts Spares and Accessories:
Heavy 2H Hex nuts, Bevel washers, taper washers in 3, 5, 7, 11, 13 etc. degree, hardened plain washers, bearing plates, "Perfo" tube elements and expansion shell and plug etc. are available in all sizes on demand.

Foundation Bolts:
Bolts for anchorage of heavy stationary diesel engines or machines, J-Hooks for roof hangers etc. are also manufactured as per specifications.

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