Vipul Sameer Agencies Pvt. Ltd.
About Us
The Company manufactures and develops engineering items, which have wide ranging applications in most of the engineering activities. The Company has developed a wide range of products in metal, rubber, polyurethane, nylon, PVC etc.

It also manufactures rubber hoses of all types, which have low to very high pressure applications in pneumatic, hydraulic, rock drilling, shortcreting, sandblasting and concrete systems.It also make other special hoses for delivery of oil, solvents, acids, etc.

The Company undertakes development of all types of hose assemblies in all sizes with specially made fittings as per requirements. These have use in earthmoving equipments, concreting equipments as also in various other machines, which have hydraulic or pneumatic systems.

It has a wide range of clientele in both private and public sectors. The clients include construction companies, textile, paper manufacturing mills, glass units and government institutions among others.

We undertake special tasks for development of new products for exclusive clients and are not averse to challenges.

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