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The packers are at the lower or starting end of the variety and are used for top hole grouting at low pressures. In this packer system, rubber seals are mechanically pressed by applying torque. These seals on being compressed bulge out and grip the surface of the bore holes. More the compression, bgreater is the bulging experienced resulting in a better grip with the surface. After grouting, the torque is released so that the compression force disappears from the rubber seals, resulting in return to their original shape.

Benefits of these packers are low costs, faster process time, ease of operation and comparatively easier availability. We produce these packers in almost all sizes and can customize depending upon the client’s requirement. We can also help the client to design the packer exclusively for their need to get the maximum benefit.

However mechanical packers have certain limitation also which makes it necessary to use the other kind – inflatable packers, which are much costlier but highly efficient. Major limitations in the use are :
  • Low range of use – One packer cannot be used for holes more than 8% of its diameter
  • Can be used only for low pressure applications upto 20 bar
  • Cannot be used for deep holes

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