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These packers are highly versatile and very efficient for use at a variety of applications. As the name suggests, these packers have dilatable element in place of rubber seals, which is inflated pneumatically or with hydraulic force. This system can withstand high pressures of grouting and is far superior to the conventional mechanical system.

We are exclusive selling agent’s of 'Geopro' S.A., Belgium for their complete range of inflatable packers and accessories for the Indian subcontinent – India and the neighbouring countries.

Though these packers are more expensive then the mechanical system, their benefits are immense
  • They can be used for high pressure application
  • They can be used for very deep holes to the tune of 150 mtrs or even more.
  • One packer can used for a variety of bore holes upto 75% of its diameter.
  • Are used for "Tube a manchettes" TAM grouting.
  • They are reliable and fast in performance.

We offer these packers from stock along with their accessories to our clients.

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